Digiware Power Monitoring System

Digiware Power Monitoring System

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Digiware by Socomec is a plug & play multi-circuit power monitoring system. It is expandable, allowing as many current sensors as needed, to connect.

Digiware’s plug & play power monitoring system utilizes a single voltage reference for the entire system and has a single auxiliary power supply. Digiware allows solid, split-core and Rogowski coils to be used for current measurement.

Digiware provides excellent value – don’t buy what you don’t need. It allows for faster implementations because it:

  • Requires no tools for installation.
  • Provides automatic detection of current ratings.
  • Verifies the direction of current flow.
  • Provides auto-configuration of the network type (single-phase, three-phase, etc) and load type.
  • Provides auto-addressing of devices connected to the bus.
  • Mounts easily to a DIN-rail.
  • Reduces the risk of incorrect wiring via RJ45 and RJ12 plugs.
  • Digiware’s plug & play energy monitoring system is compact and saves space in panels. The meter is 0.2 class and the overall solution is 0.5% accurate (including CTs).

When ordering, select the desired number of current inputs in the dropdown selection, followed by whether or not you would also like to measure voltage (required for power), and finally select the display type needed.

After you add the Digiware meter system to your cart, next select from these compatible CT options:

  • Solid-Core CTs (TE Series)
  • Split-Core CTs (TR Series)
  • Flexible CTs (TF Series)